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Speak their language: 4 tips for communicating with millennials

The face of workplace communication is changing. Why? Millennials.As the younger generations enter the workforce, they bring in new perspectives and tools for communication. This can be both good and bad for those of us who have gotten used to traditional workplace comms over the years. While it provides a much-needed communication 'reboot', a millennial invasion can be a bit overwhelming.While it provides a much-needed ... Continue Reading »

Leadership done right: The importance of leadership skills

What is a ship without its captain? In all likelihood, it's a floating hunk of wood with no direction or purpose. The same can be said for a business without a capable leader at the helm. In order to execute a successful business strategy and drive growth, companies must have strong leaders.Without structure on each level, the overall trajectory of the business will be disorganised.With ... Continue Reading »

Crushed! Avoid these 7 management mistakes that could crush your business

Business managers are constantly thinking about what they can do to help their company succeed. Often, the answer is right under their nose - unfortunately, though, many leaders are looking in the wrong place for the solution. They end up making critical management mistakes, such as the following seven, that could potentially spell the end of their business.1. Delaying projects until 'the time is right'It's ... Continue Reading »

Feedback phobia: Overcoming negative feedback in the workplace

Getting negative feedback, especially on something you worked hard on, is no fun. In fact, it can be extremely demoralising. It's a natural human reaction to be upset when we're criticised, but there are actually more benefits to receiving negative feedback than you might think. In fact, it might be the key to your success at work.Working professionals who are interested in developing leadership management ... Continue Reading »

Democratic leadership: What is it, and how can I achieve it?

No one likes a dictatorial boss. At one point or another, most people have worked under what's called 'autocratic' leadership - basically, their employer makes all the decisions without consulting the team. What, then, is the opposite of this leadership type? Democratic leaders, unlike autocratic bosses, take everyone's perspectives into account before making big decisions. Like a democratic government, the voice of 'the people' is what ... Continue Reading »
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