Course Program

Writing and Presenting Sales Proposals

Download “Writing and Presenting Sales Proposals” ICML_Sales_Proposals_and_Presentations.pdf – Downloaded 205 times – 33 KB

In-house one-day training course on writing and presenting sales proposals

You’ve found an interested client but now you need to put forward your proposal! Are you confident it will be good enough to clinch the sale? Do you know how to make a great first impression and how to make people like you?

This combined writing and presentation skills training will help you prepare and deliver winning proposals.

Designed for

Teams and individuals who want to boost their success in winning business through better sales proposals.


In this Sales Proposals and Presentations course you will learn how to:

  • identify the key elements of a quality proposal
  • write winning proposals
  • make the right first impressions
  • prepare and hold winning presentations
  • plan and execute follow-ups to keep customers
  • win more business through great proposals and presentations.



This program may include the following subjects:

  • business writing basics
  • writing a proposal
  • editing
  • presenting your proposal
  • how to present yourself
  • dealing with questions
  • following up
  • personal action plans.


Delivered in-house

We deliver this sales training in-house to your team. We will tailor the course to your organisation and your needs. Call us on 1300 655 098 to talk to us about the options and fees.


In one day we are able to create a fast sales learning experience for your team, boosting critical skills. In two days we will be able to focus more in-depth on developing skills and confidence. In three days we will thoroughly prep your team to write and present top quality proposals.

Download “Writing and Presenting Sales Proposals” ICML_Sales_Proposals_and_Presentations.pdf – Downloaded 205 times – 33 KB

Learning Method

Learning Method

We follow the ICML learning model

Learning can be hard. At ICML we realise this and therefore we try to make our sessions as interactive and engaging as we can. Don’t expect ‘chalk-‘n-talk’ sessions at ICML. Our facilitators are just that: they facilitate, they don’t teach. Our expert facilitators are highly experienced in getting the very best out of you. We use the latest scientific insights and translate them to highly practical everyday application in the workplace.

Working in small groups of minimum 5 and maximum 14 people means that the group has just the right size for great interaction, group discussions and personal attention. The facilitator aims to tailor the course specifically to each group.