Creative Problem Solving

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Course Program

Creativity and Problem Solving and Decision Making Training
Course in Melbourne

Do you sometimes struggle finding new and better ways to do things? Natural creative talent is useful, but you can also develop your creativity. Through training and practice you can become the person that people turn to when problems need to be solved.

Finding innovative solutions requires the ability to sort through relevant facts and put them together in ways that work. After this Creative Problem Solving course you will feel confident creating new solutions to complex problems. Decision making will be easier.


Designed for

Teams and individuals who want to tackle problems in more creative ways and who want to generate different and better solutions.


In this creative thinking skills course you will learn how to:

  • use a structured method to approach problems
  • distinguish root causes from symptoms
  • use a set of tools and techniques to analyse issues
  • think creatively
  • boost your critical thinking skills
  • use the top ten rules of good decision making
  • solve problems smartly, creatively and effectively.


This critical thinking and problem Solving training may include the following topics:

  • defining problem solving
  • problem solving styles
  • problem solving models
  • six ways to approach a decision
  • problem solving tool-kits
  • creative thinking methods
  • decision making
  • personal action plans.


In one day we are able to deliver a fast-paced and effective workshop. However, we are able tailor it to a one-hour presentation or to a multi-day workshop, depending on your needs. Please call 1300 655 098 to discuss.

In-house Delivery

We deliver this workshop at your premises or a location of your choosing. Please call us for a quote.

Download “Creative Problem Solving” ICML_Creative_Problem_Solving.pdf – Downloaded 271 times – 34 KB

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