Presenting with Confidence

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Presenting with Confidence Training
Course in Melbourne

Most of us find presentations nerve-wracking. Fortunately, with the right powerful techniques and planning you can dramatically improve your presentation skills and confidence.

This presentation skills course will help you plan, structure and deliver presentations that hold your audience’s interest and let them easily follow your line of thought. After this presentation skills course you will be looking forward to your next presentation!

Designed for

You; if you want the skills to give presentations with confidence
and impact.


In this Presenting with Confidence course you will learn how to:

  • captivate your audience right from the start
  • raise your confidence and deal with tension
  • give your presentations an effective structure
  • communicate ideas quickly and effectively
  • create an interactive atmosphere
  • deal with tricky or difficult questions
  • plan and deliver a presentation with punch!


This Presenting with Confidence training course may include (but is not restricted to) any of the following subjects:

  • planning
  • understanding your audience
  • structuring a presentation
  • telling stories
  • communication skills
  • building trust with your audience
  • building confidence
  • appearing confident (even when you’re not)
  • choosing and using visual aids
  • spicing up your presentation
  • personal action plans


350 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD


2 days: 9am – 5pm


$ 990 + GST
Lunch, course materials and certificate included.


  • Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 September 2017
  • Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 March 2018
  • Tuesday 12 and Tuesday 19 June 2018
  • Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 September 2018
  • Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 November 2018

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In-house Delivery

We also offer this presentation skills training course and our other Communication and Effectiveness courses as in-house training. We can tailor it to a one-hour or to a multi-day workshop, depending on your needs. Please call 1300 655 098 to discuss.

Download “Presenting with Confidence” ICML_Presenting_with_Confidence.pdf – Downloaded 286 times – 34 KB

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We also offer our Communication and Effectiveness Courses as in-house training.
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Lynne is very experienced on the subject and delivers a great course

In the video below you can see what Gerard from Alzheimer’s Australia had to say about the course:

The course taught me many new things I didn’t know and made me reconsider things I thought I already knew…

The program was great. I intend on working to improve my presenting skills with everything I learnt in this course. Lynne thanks for a fantastic program, it’s one of the best I’ve attended

In the video below you can see what Keira Lewis from Service Stream had to say about the course:

The Presenting with Confidence Course far exceeded my expectations and I now feel more confident when presenting and have developed many helpful tools to create a punchy presentation.
Toby–Victorian Funds Management Corporation (VFMC)

Lynne is definitely very experienced and personable. Thoroughly enjoyed the course from start to finish.

Good feedback provided to improve my presenting skills. Good facilitator, workshop ran well. I feel more confident with my presentation skills based on advice and feedback.
Craig Hamilton–Victorian Ombudsman

Mark was very personable and I think was particularly good at putting people at ease about presenting.
Eleni Antonopoulos–Victorian Ombudsman

Justine is great, she is positive & engaging and she has provided us with valuable tips and thought us a lot about presenting with confidence. I would recommend this course to my colleagues, this is a great course. Thanks very much for fantastic course Justine.
Samuel Wibowo–Tyco Electronics

I left the course with far more confidence that I arrived. Just a few simple tools have gone a long way to improve my structure and delivery.
Nick Kelly–McArthur Management Services

I got so much out of today. I was extremely nervous coming in on the first day. Justine was so welcoming personable and knowledgeable. I really did push myself out of my comfort zone and got a lot in return. Would recommend to everyone.
Lauren Day–Diabetes Australia

Justine was great – she took the time with everyone to answer questions and work through everyone’s concerns.
Greg Williams–State Trustees

Justine has extensive experience on the subject and it shows. She has great personal touches and anecdotes.
Nichola Gallacher–LCI Consultancy