Management and Leadership Courses in Melbourne


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Essential Leadership Skills
You’ll learn how to work effectively; from making plans to managing your time. In addition, you’ll get a foundation in people management: learning how to build trust and motivate your team members.


This course is for you if you are now or soon will be managing one or more people. Click here for more information


Advanced Leadership
You will build your self-awareness and self-leadership. Further, this course will help you set the foundations for inspiring and motivating team leadership.


This course is for you if you have five years of management experience and are ready to develop further as a leader. Click here for more information


Coaching for Performance
Coaching skills are crucial for effective people management. Instead of telling your team what to do, you make them self-driving and let them take charge of their own performance and improvement.


This course is for you if you have a managerial role and want to build your coaching capabilities. Ideally you will have followed a foundation leadership course in the past and have leadership experience. Click here for more information


Developing High Performance Teams
This leadership course is for you if you are responsible for the outcomes of a team and are looking for ways to enhance its performance. This team building training focuses on team dynamics and how you can inspire a team to work together to achieve common goals.


This leadership training builds on your experience as a leader and you will get more out of the course if you have attended a management course or leadership course in the past. Click here for more information


Leading Change
For you if you are leading, managing or participating in strategic change.


Performance Management Course
This course will show you how to inspire your team to do their best through a process of performance management. They will be thankful for the clarity, direction and feedback you provide!