Managing Performance

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Managing Performance Skills
Training Course in Melbourne

Do you feel your team members are motivated, focused and energised? Are they clear on what you want them to achieve and how well they are doing? A good performance management system keeps people aware of their goals and performance.

This performance management training will help you inspire your team to do their best through a process of performance management. They will be thankful for the clarity, direction and feedback you provide!

Designed for

You; if you are responsible for appraising and developing other people’s performance.


In this Managing Performance course you will learn how to:

  • share the responsibility of reaching goals
  • use goal setting to direct performance
  • set standards that provide clarity and direction
  • evaluate effectively and give constructive and motivating feedback
  • get your team members self-motivated
  • conduct a performance review, even with difficult feedback
  • use training and coaching to improve and inspire your team


The Managing Performance training may include (but is not restricted to) any of the following subjects:

  • the Shared Management model
  • setting goals
  • setting standards
  • development plans
  • training and coaching
  • self-motivating employees
  • ongoing evaluation and feedback
  • the appraisal
  • planning for peak performance
  • personal action plans

Delivered in-house

We deliver this Performance Management training in-house to your team. We can tailor the course to your organisation or fully customise it to fit your needs. Call us on 1300 655 098 to talk to us about the options and fees.


This course can be delivered as a 1-hour introduction or a two-day workshop and everything in between. In one day we can create a powerful Managing Performance learning experience for your team.

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Download “Managing Performance” ICML_Managing_Performance.pdf – Downloaded 346 times – 36 KB

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Managing Performance (this page)
This course is for you if you are responsible for appraising and developing other people’s performance. This workshop will help you make your team members self-motivated and you will feel more comfortable about giving difficult feedback.

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Managing Performance Testimonials

Justine was very engaging and was able to have open discussions. I enjoyed the small group size and was really able to participate and be heard.
B Egan–Moonee Valley City Council

Justine had me engaged from the beginning and I enjoyed both her interaction with us and our participation.
Emily–Moonee Valley City Council

I loved how the session was interactive – I enjoyed working in groups and meeting other people.