Advanced Leadership

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Advanced Leadership Skills Training
Course in Melbourne

Great leaders are not always born that way. Great leadership skills can be learnt and developed. What is required is self-awareness, reflection and a strong awareness of what’s going on around you.

In this advanced leadership course you will learn how to build on your strengths to develop vision and strategic leadership. This course will help you gain support and respect while focussing on your strategic goals.

Designed for

You; if you already have management experience and are ready to develop further as a leader.


In this management and leadership course you will learn how to:

  • set your personal vision
  • understand and stretch your leadership strengths
  • get into the habit of big picture thinking
  • develop a widely supported vision for your team, department or organisation
  • build teams that work collectively towards a goal
  • have difficult conversations with your team
  • be an inspiring, respected and motivating leader.


This management training may include (but is not restricted to) any of the following subjects:

  • leadership strengths
  • gaining commitment
  • building high performance teams
  • building open and trusting relationships
  • coaching and feedback
  • courageous conversations
  • inspiring, motivating and influencing
  • personal action plans.


350 Collins Street, Melbourne CBD


2 days: 9am – 5pm


$ 990 + GST
Lunch, course materials and certificate included.


  • Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 August 2017
  • Tuesday 28 November and Tuesday 5 December 2017
  • Tuesday 1 and Wednesday 2 May 2018
  • Wednesday 15 and Wednesday 22 August 2018
  • Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 December 2018

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In-house Delivery of Leadership Programs

Leadership development is our expertise; we also offer this advanced management and leadership course and our other management and leadership courses as in-house programs. We can tailor it to a one-hour or to a multi-day program, depending on your needs and budget. Please call 1300 655 098 to discuss.

Download “Advanced Leadership” ICML_Advanced_Leadership-2.pdf – Downloaded 490 times – 35 KB

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Leadership development is our expertise; we also offer our management and leadership programs as in-house training.
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Advanced Leadership Testimonials

The course facilitator was incredibly responsive and helped me impact change in my style with my team.
Tania–Buchanan Group

Obvious knowledge & passion for the subject lengthy experience in the corporate field adds to credibility.
Paul–Sherbrooke Constructions

Renee was very confident with the material and offered good insight when asked further questions.
Tegan Thomas – Intrax Consulting Engineers

The knowledge of Renee was exceptional, not only were we provided the theories, it was followed up by how we can implement it effectively in our teams.
Rob – Intrax Consulting Engineers

Renee was great at adjusting the course content to specific participant needs. She is an energetic presenter who listened to participants wishes and attended to them well, despite the diversity of client needs in the room. I came away with useful, practical ideas to put to use. Thank you.
Cathie Paul – Eastern Palliative Care

The content was presented in a way that was appealing to a variety of learning styles.Renee was a great facilitator, very engaging, energetic, referred often to sources and references. Renee read the room really well and delivered the content accordingly – a great mix of presenting styles used (audio, visual, group, self-reflecting).
Erin–Jesuit Social Services

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