About us


We are based in Melbourne and our public courses are held in premier locations in and around the Melbourne CBD. With our network of expert trainers we can also provide in-house courses and consultancy nationwide.


Our mission is to help people and organisations reach their full potential by unlocking and reinforcing their inherent competencies through learning and development programs, coaching and consulting.

We design our programs primarily for leaders, managers and aspiring managers.

Through our programs we aim to make you:

  • better at what you do
  • motivated and enthusiastic
  • goal oriented.

You’ll be more happy in work and life and thereby more productive when:

  • you have clarity about what you want to achieve
  • you’re good at what you do and you achieve great results
  • your communication and leadership help you improve relationships.

Lasting gains on productivity lead to high return on investment in Learning and Development.

Our learning equation:

Competence + Motivation + Goals = Happiness + Productivity = Return On Investment

What we do

  • Public short courses (you come to us).
  • Customised training solutions (we come to you).
  • Learning and development consultancy.
  • Executive coaching.


You could call us a management training company. However, we aim to develop, not train you. We don’t follow a traditional training model where you tell and repeat something over and over again. We develop you from the inside and do that by giving you a lot of practical skills practice. We aim to reinforce and build those skills that are most useful to you in your work and life.

Focus on strengths

Our philosophy is that you get most out of people if you reinforce what they are doing well. We believe that learning is about giving you confidence and making you feel good and enthusiastic about what you are good at, so you are motivated and confident to improve. This means that so called ‘weaknesses’ are there to neutralise and your strengths are there to make you really good.


Our training workshops combine the latest scientific insights with practical experiences. Therefore, don’t expect ‘chalk and talk’ and ‘death by PowerPoint’ training from us. Instead, expect a dynamic and energetic session with continuous opportunities to interact, discuss and above all, lots of skills practice. We find that a lot of what participants learn in management training is through sharing of experiences with each other. Our trainers help you get the most out of this process by facilitating, not just teaching.

Small groups

Our courses have a minimum of 5 and maximum of 14 delegates. Groups of this size allow strong interaction amongst participants and facilitators. All courses have key outcomes we work towards, but our facilitators always tailor the material to the people in the room on the day so that everyone has an opportunity to gain the maximum out of our sessions.

Our system

Training by itself is ideally only part of the solution. It is most effective when it is part of a system in which goals, objectives, action plans and follow-up reinforce the effectiveness of the training ‘event’. What you can therefore expect from us is:

  • enthusiastic and inspiring trainers
  • an energetic and safe learning environment
  • trainers who aim to address your individual objectives where relevant
  • strong attention to making action plans
  • follow-up after the training to motivate continued development.

Our values

Delight our customer. That is you!

Everything we do should ultimately grow, inspire and delight you.

Example: We only want the very best for you. If we do not have the right solution for you and it’s beyond our scope to develop it, we won’t hesitate to recommend a competitive product that we think helps you better.

Energy and passion

We are passionate about growing people and organisations.
We demonstrate relentless energy to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Example: Your experience is the most important factor for us. If you’re not happy with your experience of our service, we will do everything until you are satisfied.


We recognise we are the only ones responsible for our actions and life.
We realise we need to change ourselves to change others.
It is our responsibility to give you the best possible experience when dealing with us.

Team work and fun

We have fun in our work and in our interactions with the team.
We foster a trusting, open and inclusive environment.
We are a team, and we support each other.
We value diversity and unique contributions.
Learning can be hard, so with ICML we try to make it enjoyable and fun!