HR training courses

HR is different in every organisation. Therefore, we will tailor our HR training courses to your needs for a perfect fit and engaging learning experiences.

Below are short introductions to some of the programs we can tailor for you. Click on the ‘Read more’ link to see more details.

Diversity Awareness training

A diverse workforce creates more opportunities for employees and leads to increased productivity and profitability. We deliver this diversity and inclusion training program at your offices. Read more

Unlocking Unconscious Bias

Whether we like it or not, we tend to form opinions about people without being aware of it. For instance, we may have biases relating to gender, age, race or physical appearance. When we want to create inclusive and diverse workplaces, we need to understand those biases first.

This tailored in-house program helps you to put in place the strategies to reduce the impact of our implicit biases Read more