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Do you need to develop leadership skills?

Look no further; we offer short courses and full training courses for new managers and experienced leaders and executives for a wide range of skills.  Our training courses are practical. Participants walk out of our team leadership course full of concrete plans and actions to apply back at work immediately.

Whether you’re looking for new manager training courses, short management courses or a team leadership course; We tailor our leader training courses to your needs for in-house delivery. We deliver our presenting courses all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, and abroad.

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Tailored in-house management and leadership courses – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Darwin – Hobart

General management courses and leadership courses

Essential Leadership Skills

Being a successful team leader requires more than an impressive job title. You need good planning, influencing and motivational skills to get the most out of a team. Building trust is an essential component of good team management; it lays the foundation for extraordinary team performance.

This management training course will help you understand what kind of leader you want to be and how you can get there. We build the foundations of the skills you need to become an influential and respected manager. You will learn how to create and inspire powerful teams. Read more

Advanced Leadership Skills

Do you want to become a great leader? Good news: great leadership skills can be learnt and developed. What is required is self-awareness, reflection and a strong awareness of what’s going on around you. In this advanced management training course you will learn how to build on your strengths to develop vision and strategic leadership. This course will help you gain support and respect while achieving your strategic goals. Read more

Specialised management training and leadership courses

Coaching for Performance

We all know examples of good sports coaches who take an average team to an extraordinary performance. The same principles apply in the workplace. Leaders with strong coaching skills are far more able to make their people reach their full potential. Good coaching skills can be learnt. If you want to build on your ability to unlock other people’s potential, this coaching course is for you. Read more

Courageous Conversations for Leaders

We tailor this management training course for in-house delivery to groups at any level of leadership in your organisation. Every manager or supervisor needs to conduct difficult conversations at times. Many leaders shy away from conducting them, often leading to larger problems later. This tailored in-house program helps you overcome your internal barriers to conducting these tough managerial conversations. It will answer your questions on how to handle difficult conversations with employees. After this workshop you will feel prepared and confident to conduct difficult conversations around performance, arriving late, undesirable behaviours in the team, personal hygiene and many more difficult situations. The program equally prepares you for difficult conversations with other stakeholders, such as clients, colleagues, higher level leadership, etc. Read more

Developing High Performance Teams

Great leaders inspire great teams. And great teams require enthusiastic and motivated members, working together to achieve what they want to achieve. As a manager you can build a great team. This high performance team building course will help you gain greater awareness of individual differences and how to build on these to produce a high performing team. You will learn how to make the most out of team dynamics. At the end of this course you will feel charged and full of ideas. You will be bursting to apply your knowledge to build a passionate team, set on delivering results. Read more

DIY Team Building

Would you like to organise a team building event for your team? Sometimes you want to take your team away from the day-to-day business to improve team communication and collaboration. You can get an outside facilitator to deliver your teambuilding session, or you can do it yourself. Doing it yourself is fun, economical and it builds your leadership profile. This tailored in-house workshop will give you many ideas, formats, practical tips and templates to create your own team building sessions, whether on-site of off-site. We will show you how to analyse your team to choose the best team building solution. You will learn to confidently organise and deliver a smooth and successful team building event. Read more

Leading Change

Are you afraid that people will be fearful, cynical and resistant to change when you embark on a change process? If you plan, manage and communicate well, you can achieve the opposite and have people participating in a culture of change. After this tailored in-house change management course you will feel equipped to drive or participate in a successful change program, while dealing proactively with the hurdles and navigating skilfully around the pitfalls. Read more

Managing Performance

Do you feel your team members are motivated, focused and energised? Are they clear on what you want them to achieve and how well they are doing? A good performance management system keeps people aware of their goals and performance. This tailored in-house performance management training will help you inspire your team to do their best through a process of performance management. They will be thankful for the clarity, direction and feedback you provide! Read more

Recruiting and Selecting for Success

Successful people surround themselves with the finest talent. So how can you attract the best people? Because you know better than anyone else what you need; because you know how to sell but not oversell your role and your organisation; and because you know the techniques to pick the real winners. This tailored in-house Recruitment and Selection course will make you confident in taking all the right steps to attract the best talent for the job. Read more

HR for Managers

Human Resources Management skills are not just for HR. A good understanding and application of Human Resources Management is central to the responsibilities of the modern manager. This intensive tailored in-house HR for Managers training will run at high pace to get you up to speed with the key aspects of human resources management relevant to leaders. Read more