Problem Solving at Henley

Available in Brisbane and Melbourne

Why this program?

In our fast-paced organisation we need to deal with ever changing circumstances and setbacks. How we deal with these challenges sets us apart from our competition. In this half-day workshop you will build a toolbox to proactively resolve problems.

Designed for you

This course is designed for anyone at Henley who needs to resolve problems on a regular basis.


In this customer service excellence training course, you will learn how to:

  • Embrace ‘problems’ as opportunities to enhance Henley’s competitiveness.
  • Taking on a Growth Mindset.
  • Understand that leadership is about initiative and accountability.
  • Use a set of tools and techniques to analyse issues.
  • Think creatively about solutions.
  • Plan and execute resolutions to problems.
  • Communicate with key stakeholders about progress.


  • Brisbane – Monday 3 September 2018
  • Brisbane – Tuesday 4 September 2018

How to sign up

Send an email indicating your interest to

  • Shelley Becker on or
  • Tanzil Rashid on

Your facilitator: Mark Moore

Author and facilitator Mark Moore has 24 years of Training and Consulting experience. He published his book ‘Ignition’ on leadership and performance development in 2013.

Mark enjoys blending the latest scientific insights with lessons drawn from actual work experience. Mark encourages participants to develop and practise specific actions which can be implemented immediately when they return to the work environment.



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