Managing Risk

Are you anticipating and managing uncertainty and threats? Risk management has long been a key part of project management but increasingly it is becoming part of organisational best practices. Effective risk management not only reduces the negative impact of crises; it also provides real benefits and cost savings.

The tools and techniques provided in this risk management training program are flexible enough for any organisation. You can apply them to a single project, a department, or use them as a basis for an enterprise-wide risk management program.

Tailored in-house Managing Risk training – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Hobart – Darwin – Canberra

Designed for you

Our tailored in-house risk management training program will be economically designed for people who:

  • are involved in project management, or
  • want to better understand and manage risks within their organisation or unit.


In a typical risk management training program, you will learn how to:

  • establish a risk management context
  • apply a framework of risk management activities
  • design and complete a risk assessment
  • create a plan for appropriate risk responses
  • set up reporting, monitoring and evaluation of risk
  • identify and manage risks.

Tailored risk management training program delivered on your premises

Delivering a tailored in-house risk management training program is economical and effective.

We deliver this  risk management training workshop as a one-hour interactive presentation or a multiple-day program and everything in between.

We also coach individuals and teams on building risk management practices and systems.

Ask us how we can tailor a program that suit your needs:

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  • send us a message.

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