Assertiveness Skills testimonials


Kingston City Council - Ali

"Honestly, I didn’t find any past workshops as interesting as this. Amazing use of verbal and non-verbal communication. "


Swatch Group Australia - Best

"Highly recommended to everyone who relates to people from different cultures and backgrounds. The course is done professionally, effectively and very helpful. I gained more confidents in saying “no” and express my opinions directly yet respectfully. Thank you, Justine! "


ProVision Eyecare Pty Ltd - Nathan

"I thought Renee delivered the course in an enlightening way. I felt that the group were engaged throughout the course which allowed ease participation. A great course which has given me skills in areas which I lacked."


Wyndham City Council - Julian

"Great presenter who explained points thoroughly and clearly. Suzanne encouraged group participants and discussion well throughout entire course. Well done."


Royal Australasian College of Surgeons - Emma

"Suzanne was great. Highly recommended, especially in a small group, to help grow and feed confidence."


University of Melbourne - Cathy

"Great course which gives you tools you can implement straight away"


ProVision Eyecare Pty Ltd - Shannon

"Relevant to my life on a personal and professional level – skills for life, not just work. Renee is a fantastic speaker, warm, engaging, passionate about what she does, knows her stuff."


Wyndham City Council - Sharron

"Suzanne is a very engaging presenter that allows you to think both personally and professionally about your communication."


ProVision Eyecare Pty Ltd - Tori

"Definitely one of the most useful and interactive courses I have done. I feel I will come away with a lot of valuable information to help my everyday work/ life tasks."


Salvation Army Employment Plus - Will

"Suzanne was absolutely fantastic. Full marks to her. The whole course was interestingly presented. Was quite informative and very useful for my personal growth as well as professional."


Doculink - Laura

"The course was enlightening. Suzanne was extremely personable and knowledgeable and I found it easy to relate. This course has boosted my confidence and given me perspective on myself and my interaction with others."


BMW - Helena

"Course was excellent. I learnt a lot. Suzanne was fantastic, very amusing, factual, a great presenter."


National Australia Bank - Paige

"We had way too much fun! Such a safe environment for a tricky topic."


Victorian State Emergency Services - Nicole

"Suzanne was amazing – she knew her stuff and was a dynamic presenter. I loved her humour and stories and feel like she gave me all the tools I need to be more assertive."


Ericsson - Humaira

"I found this course very interactive and therefore extremely interesting. One of the best things was that Suzanne did not use PPT. or any high tech material. She presented real life examples that I can relate to. I will recommend this course to my friends and fellow colleagues."


Wyndham City Council - Jennifer

"This is a great tool to have, especially if you lack in confidence or deal with difficult people."


"Suzanne was interactive and connected well with the group. The course material to take home will help keep the material fresh. It was fantastic!"