Communication Skills testimonials


Falls Creek Resort - Stuart (CEO)

"Highly recommend ICML for personalised and personable training needs. The course was impactful, effective and provided action points for all members to take away and improve upon. Great investment!"


SCT Logistics - Joann

"Vanessa’s method of delivering the training was excellent and so specific to what goes on here. Her delivery was excellent and she was someone you automatically feel comfortable with. Every person in the training was engaged and took part in discussion, I know from speaking with them that every single person has walked away from the training taking something with them that will help them. It was so great that we didn’t have to sit and work and through a book, we all had a laugh and we saw a side of some people that we would never had seen if we had not all come together."


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Judith

"Mark was terrific – great anecdotes, knew his material. He made the day – which I thought would be too long – fun, engaging, thought provoking and I walk away with actual tools and strategies. Look forward to another session with Mark at the lecturn."


Melbourne Theatre Company - Lyn

"Highly recommend Rose as a Facilitator as she provided great exercises for demonstrating models and also prompted great discussions amongst my colleagues and I on how we implement these in the workplace."


PNORS Technology Group Pty Ltd - Anita

"Rose was great, clear, very easy to listen to – I didn’t get bored or distracted The day went really fast with really relevant material and interesting topics."


Paediatric Integrated Cancer Services - Steph

"Suzanne was brilliant. Very engaging, humorous and knowledgeable. Very enjoyable workshop."


MAXNetWork - Dean

"Course material was great and our trainer demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the subject material. Course flew by – also a good indicator that the trainer and course were excellent – Suzanne you were amazing."


Melbourne Theatre Company - Eliza

"Great workshop which was flexible to our needs both before the sessions and during as concerns and questions were raised. Rose is a fantastic facilitator with a great wealth of experience and knowledge that helped our group to brainstorm ideas to resolve our existing issues and personal shortfalls."


Connecting Skills Australia - Fiona

"Very good facilitation. The trainer quickly built a rapport, held interest and responded well to questions - great!"


Domestic and General Insurance - Martina

"Rose was great. I really enjoyed the course. It was very informative and I have learnt a lot of useful skills to use not only in the workplace but in a social situation."


Goulburn Oven Institute of TAFE - Jenny

"It made me realise to be more non judgemental and look at why people may be acting in certain ways. Also how my actions and responses could be seen by other people."


Eastern Health Clinical School - Deborah

"Rose is a great speaker that encouraged participation from everyone. Her content delivery was very good."


Melbourne Theatre Company - Michele

"Open forum discussions were extremely useful and productive. Great to be able to take written information away to refer to. I would highly recommend the course to people needing the assurance that what they are doing is on the right track. That the course will add confidence, understanding and a fresh way of approach."


MAXNetWork - Brigitte

"Excellent workshop straight to the point, very easy going and relaxed atmosphere. I would recommend this course based on the relevant information provided by the facilitator, this is very useful."


Leo Cussens Centre for Law - Robert

"Thought the course was great – huge amount of information. I didn’t think that I would learn so much. "


KE Optical - Kerry

"I found this seminar very helpful and interesting and think every workplace should have one."


Eastern Health Clinical School - Tanya

"Rose was excellent! She has a lovely style is pleasant and great humour. She is very knowledgeable. Thank you Rose."


Melbourne Theatre Company - Lyn

"Highly recommend Rose as a Facilitator as she provided great exercises for demonstrating models and also prompted great discussions amongst my colleagues and I on how we implement these in the workplace."


Minerals & Metals Group - Jess

"Rose was a great facilitator and made the day fun. Great entry level course for communicating – would definitely recommend this course to my colleagues."


Goulburn Oven Institute of TAFE - Kate

"Thank you Suzanne - I really enjoyed meeting you and attending this course. Suzanne was a fantastic facilitator. I enjoyed this course and found it very informative and useful in everyday dealings with people."


Accenture Australia - Liz

"The course was interactive with solid direction and positive guidance. I loved how Rose had really delved into the pre-course surveys and expected individual outcomes."


Paediatric Integrated Cancer Services

"Suzanne was great - she was able to provide us with information in a relatable, interactive and educational way. I learnt a great deal that can easily apply in my personal and professional life. Very valuable training."