Conflict Management Testimonials


William Adams – Susan

"Graham is very engaging. He moves through the materials at a good pace and is always very positive in his feedback. Now have some useful strategies to practise and use both at work and home."


Tandem Building Group – Brodie

"I found the workshop to be extremely interactive, engaging and enjoyable. Certainly exceeded my expectations. "


Tandem Building Group – Mick

"Practical information which was easy to relate to. By using personal experiences, I found it easy to communicate with Suzanne. "


RMIT University – Participant

"This session was way more interesting, dynamic and playful than the summary led me to believe - I thought I might be going to something fairly 'dry' but it wasn't at all. I have recommended it to my senior manager to use as an away day session, it was that good. I think ALL staff could really benefit from it - not just managers or team leaders. "


William Adams – Darren

"Graham is an excellent presenter, great involvement. Provides some additional tools and viewpoints to use in day to day interactions. "