Customer Service testimonials


Eve Health - Catherine

"Michael went above and beyond to deliver a series of customer service workshops catered to our individual needs. Excellent!"


LVMH Watch and Jewellery - Participant

"The program was very interesting and had lots of fun. David was a great facilitator. He helped me how to get into the other person’s brain. "


VicRoads - Samr

"Great content and facilitator! Graham was very knowledgeable and engaging; really good at listening and reflecting. The program reinforced techniques I had been exposed to before and gave me an opportunity to practise them."


William Adams - Michael

"Graham is an excellent trainer who clearly enjoys what he does. Thanks for the day."


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Eva

"This training company consistently produces great sessions and I really enjoy them!"


Alliance Franciase - Nadine

"This workshop and material was excellent and very well adapted to our needs to improve our techniques. I would recommend this course for its effectiveness. It has opened my mind to a series of selling techniques – which are priceless."


Cambridge Box Hill Language Assessment - Jas

"Highly recommended. This course is very useful to discover a lot of hidden qualities that we have. The facilitator is very knowledgeable and engaging."


VicRoads - Nathan

"Graham is one of the best presenters I have come across. I enjoyed being part of of these 3 sessions with him. Well done. All I learnt is directly beneficial to my day to day work."


VicRoads - Aidan

"Graham is absolutely excellent. Best facilitator I’ve seen. Well done. Gave me a basis for engaging that is based in behavioural science that helps confirm the approach I use."


The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Gayleen

"Graham was fantastic; best facilitator in 10 years of training."


VicRoads - Stephane

"The Customer Service program was one of the best I’ve attended, facilitated brilliantly by Graham! Graham is an outstanding facilitator who engages sincerely with all attendees."


VicRoads - Participant

"Graham provided me with a toolbox of techniques to resolve and handle complex situations with customers. Interactive, not just a lecture, real life examples. Graham has a great personality and very engaging, keep up the good work Graham."


VicRoads - Dimitrios

"Well presented, great balance of theory and practical exercise and a fantastic presenter/facilitator who is an absolute beauty. Great energy levels, Graham you are a star. Whatever they are paying you Graham, they should double it!!"


William Adams - Cory

"Program was great on all levels. Retained a great amount of info. Graham is one of the best trainers I have encountered. I have had many courses over the years and I will say that Graham has been the best trainer I have seen and been involved in."


William Adams - Glen

"A wonderful course delivered with a unique presentation style that kept me engaged throughout the day – all with only two powerpoint slides! I like the ability to take notes in course book and retain for future reference. How wonderful not to have course delivered by powerpoint – I think this greatly improves focus and knowledge retention."