HR for Managers testimonials


Toxfree Sydney - Aaron

"Best training course I have attended in 3 years. Jill best presenter of a course I have attended for a long time. Thank you."


Toxfree Perth - John

"Jill is a great presenter. Really enjoyed the session. Good course materials and good group participation."


Toxfree Melbourne – Chris

"Jill was knowledgeable, presented well and kept the session flowing and interesting. I would recommend this to others. "


Toxfree Perth - Mick

"Great introductory HR course! Jill was knowledgeable and interactive! Great structure, informative for managers/admin and alike."


Toxfree Sydney - Tony

"Better tools for developing skills for interview processes. Recognise and respect employee’s rights more thoroughly. Very thankful to Jill. Happy with the entire presentation."


Toxfree Brisbane - Matthew

"The workshop was rewarding and has given me insight into people management and a strong framework to build teams that deliver the right result for the organisation. Jill was excellent, engaging and informative."


African Port and Rail Services - Shirlene

"Rose is very knowledgeable and a professional trainer. Skills provided from training were specific and relevant. These are skills that every HR Manager needs to have."