Influencing Skills testimonials


Fitzroy Basin Association - Ebony

"Fantastic program - very rarely do we host training that participants want to extend or wish lasted longer, but that's the response this writing, presenting and communicating with influence course received."


Southern Cross University - Vicky

"Suzanne grew on me! I was a bit wary at first but she knew her stuff – and challenged me/the group. Loved the honest, forthright, challenging approach. Quite confronting at times. I’ve done influencing training before but it wasn’t so thought provoking!"


Department of Education and Training - Wayne - Projects Delivery Manager

"We engaged ICML for a tailored Influencing skills program for our team of senior leaders in our department. ICML listened well to our needs and tailored a program delivered over multiple workshops. The emphasis was on understanding and applying influencing skills from a behavioural psychology point of view. The facilitator Suzanne Loubris certainly delivered on this. Suzanne’s psychology background and experience was instrumental in her facilitation of the program. She offered a framework to understand what motivates others and introduced a simple but effective approach to understanding and adapting to different behavioural types. Suzanne was a great facilitator. She helped the team gain confidence and practical skills to positively influence a variety of internal and external stakeholders. I have already recommended this program and ICML to colleagues. "


World Vision Australia - Clare

"Renee is very friendly and very knowledgeable – very responsive to the group’s needs. There are some really great tools that I can incorporate into my day to life – both work and home."


Oxfam - Meabh

"Renee was lovely. Obviously very knowledgeable about her subject matter."


Tandem Building Group - Ryan

"Mark’s teaching was very clear, understandable and very practical which made it easier for me to learn. Mark provided tools and educational information I had not experienced before. Whilst I use some of the techniques unconsciously it is good to understand the theory behind these."


World Vision Australia - Justine

"Renee is a highly engaging presenter with an easy going but authoritative style that kept everyone involved and attentive."


Evans & Peck Pty Ltd - Melanie

"I had a number of ah-ha moments; great!"


Tandem Building Group - Sean

"Mark was very knowledgeable and encouraged participation which was great. The workshop had great content and presentation. Very useful skills that I will definitely be applying."


Service Stream - Cerise

"Really interactive and informative. Great content."


World Vision Australia - Stacey

"I was engaged the whole course. I feel like I can go away and use this not only at work but in day to day life. I really enjoyed the practical side. Renee was down to earth and understanding and made us feel very comfortable."


Tandem Building Group - Chris

"Mark is professional, well humoured and presented. A joy to learn from while showing seriousness when called for. Quality course – great start. Enjoyable and informative. I feel better prepared to enter negotiations and will look further into certain aspects. Simple steps that are easy to apply to great effect."


AusNet Services - Saduni

"The course was very engaging and the outcomes were clear and met. Shaun definitely helped me to reflect on my past experiences and shed light on how I would approach my future encounters for a better outcome! I loved it!"


Siobhan Donoghue Designs - Siobhan

"Very useful, well run and makes one realise where we can improve our people skills."


ProVision Eyecare Pty Ltd - Hathan

"I found Renee knowledgeable on subjects covered to be of an extremely high level and this kept me engaged throughout the duration of the course."


World Vision Australia - Joseph

"The facilitator was engaging and sensitive to the audience. She was energetic and thorough. This course has given me insight into how to understand what makes some leaders tick. I have definitely become aware of myself and my potential to grow in influence."


KPMG - Pauline

"Renee is obviously very skilled, knowledgeable and passionate about her subject. I found this course to be engaging, informative and challenging. I actually can see myself using these new skills on a daily basis – both at home and in the workplace. I’m excited about using them – Thanks Renee."


World Vision Australia - Ann Marie

"A really enjoyable and practical course with a presenter who builds instant rapport. Renee gave us practical and relevant examples that can be applied in my everyday work situation. The models were well explained and easy to use."


Bluecentral Pty Ltd (IPMG) - Ross

"I will definitely be applying much of the influencing skills across my team and wider staff in our business."


Kiwibank - David

"Renee was very professional and had excellent knowledge of the material. Renee is very insightful."


Tandem Building Group - Ryan

"Mark’s teaching was very clear, understandable and very practical which made it easier for me to learn. Mark provided tools and educational information I had not experienced before. Whilst I use some of the techniques unconsciously it is good to understand the theory behind these."


Patrick Port Logistics - Michael

"Good resource material and relevant to current workplace situations. I enjoyed the course – it was run in a professional manner."


ANZ Bank - Krishna

"Facilitator, program, workshop – all good. I am definitely more confident of the techniques that I have learned here can be applied in my daily tasks."


World Vision Australia - Melissa

"Renee is an extremely high energy and positive trainer. The course was excellent with lots of participation and interaction."


Dial Before You Dig - Jo

"Renee was informed, engaging and a great facilitator. Would definitely attend more of her courses."


AusNet Services - Graeme

"Shaun was informative, useful and fun. I found being able to categorise actions, strategies and behaviours most useful."


RSPCA - Sally

"Renee was fabulous, she was an enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenter who demonstrated her skills and knowledge – she remained authentic and engaging throughout."


BMW Financial Services - Mark

"Very informative & eye opening. Came away with a lot to work on. Excellent presenter."


AMP - John

"Highly recommended."


William Adams - Michael

"Excellent communicator. Renee’s style of delivery is what made the course interesting."


Specsavers - Adam

"Mark had great charisma and delivered the course very well. The workbooks had a great depth of concepts without being too much information. The use of videos by the instructor to demonstrate was great. Mark showed to have a lot of experience in the role he played delivering the course. He also demonstrated that he understood the needs of each person attending and used it to focus on different members of the group in different parts of the training."