Presentation Skills testimonials


Fitzroy Basin Association - Ebony

"Fantastic program - very rarely do we host training that participants want to extend or wish lasted longer, but that's the response this writing, presenting and communicating with influence course received."


Bottega Veneta - Asiara

"David really helped me achieve more direction and motivation about my role. The program added value to my role as a trainer and challenged existing perspectives on training. I found everything useful particularly engagement over content."


Bottega Veneta - Travis

"The program was extremely well tailored to my needs and David explained it in a way which was easy to comprehend. I am feeling a lot more confident in my ability. "


Xero – Lindy

"Matt was a very engaging presenter who imparted a huge amount of practical information & tips to take away and implement immediately in our presentations. "


Victorian Ombudsman – Alexis

"This was the most practical training I have received. This session has taught me things I will take away and utilise for a long time. Mark was extremely engaging. "


The Swatch Group - Maureen

"Mark is an excellent facilitator and his courses are always practical and enjoyable. It was great to practice, receive feedback and learn effective ways to structure and deliver a presentation. Mark was engaging, kept it moving and creates a safe learning environment. "


William Adams - Adrian

"Definitely feel more confident and I’m able to add content to my presentation. Graham adapts to all learning styles quite well. "


Asylum Seeker Resource Centre - Caroline

"After course I feel more confident and able to put together an engaging presentation. Paddy is an excellent, engaging, professional teacher – informative, fun, able to comprehensively answer any questions posed."


Department of Health and Human Services - Urgé

"Paddy was very knowledgeable, experienced and practical. Very engaging, helpful, experienced, practical, funny and informative. Paddy was creative and used different training techniques (eg.whiteboard, butchers paper, TED video example, role playing). He was fantastic and I would recommend this course."


Specsavers – Mona

"The course was really good. Mark was well experienced and happy to provide as much information as he could. I was happy with the content of the course."


Officeworks – Karina

"Mark has a great presentation style. Very engaging and great use of stories and games to keep you engaged. The workshop did deliver great skills and points that I will use for my next presentation. "


Oxfam – Rebecca

"Really enjoyed how interactive the day was. It was very engaging and made me think more about the way I communicate. Mark was really engaging and fun. He looked to use for answers; wasn’t a lecture. Really showed how ice breakers work."


Officeworks – Julia

"Very informative session that will definitely support me in giving more engaging presentations. Mark has lots of knowledge, tips and energy. "


BMW Financial Services - Suzanne

"The course and facilitator were great, would recommend to everyone within BMW. I have gained confidence in knowing what to do, makes a difference. "


Oxfam - Rebecca

"I’ve done several presentation courses but this one was the best! Very knowledgeable and effective trainer, great takeaway practical take away points. "


World Vision Australia – Bernadette

"Great workshop; well-paced with clear and concise information. Lynne’s engaging personality meant that the workshop was lively and interactive. The workshop provides practical skills that will improve my presentation skills and confidence. "


Victorian Funds Management Corporation (VFMC) - Toby

"The Presenting with Impact Course far exceeded my expectations and I now feel more confident when presenting and have developed many helpful tools to create a punchy presentation. "


United Pacific Industries – Rebecca

"The course really took it to another level and has 100% addressed what I wanted to get out of this course. The facilitator was excellent and really worked to build a friendly, encouraging and constructive environment. "


William Adams – Shally

"Lynne delivered an excellent 2 day session. It was informative and very worthwhile. Her technique and knowledge are outstanding. The session was very enjoyable and I would recommend this to anyone. Thanks."


William Adams – Barry

"Not only was it a fun 2 days, but I learnt some powerful tools that I will certainly use in the future to enable me to me a more "focussed & fun" trainer. I would also highly recommend this course to anyone planning to "tread the carpet" in front of audiences, or to further their "quiver of tools" moving forward. Thanks to Lynne - the two days were one of the best "work days" that I have had, thank you. "


State Trustees – Jessica

"Justine is clearly passionate about Presenting – this combined with her knowledge made the course infectious."


Diabetes Australia – Lauren

"I got so much out of today. I was extremely nervous coming in on the first day. Justine was so welcoming personable and knowledgeable. I really did push myself out of my comfort zone and got a lot in return. Would recommend to everyone. "


Tyco Electronics – Samuel

"Justine is great, she is positive & engaging and she has provided us with valuable tips and thought us a lot about presenting with impact. I would recommend this course to my colleagues, this is a great course. Thanks very much, for fantastic course, Justine. "