Resilience testimonials


Monash University - Catherine

"Maggie is an excellent facilitator with great insight into team dynamics. I gained a better insight into human nature and behaviour and skills/tools to improve communication and team rapport. Maggie made the program engaging and accessible – she is a highly skilled facilitator and read the room well."


Brightstar Logistics - Tony

"Suzanne has excellent examples on every part of the course, as well as strongly encouraging us to participate. Great, active facilitator that engaged the group for the entire day. "


Brightstar Logistics – Nick

"Suzanne has a fantastic ability to engage the group whilst delivering the content in an easily digestible manner. Could not recommend any better – excellent. Thank you. "


Brightstar Logistics – Chris

"Suzanne is happy, friendly and engaged with real life examples for people to relate to. "


Nutrition Australia – Michelle

"Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Suzanne was very engaging and knowledgeable and made the learning very accessible. "


Royal Australasian College of Surgeons - Emma

"Excellent course – objectives, aims and very relevant content. Suzanne is great, brilliant delivery, enthusiastic, the personal anecdotes make for a good connection with the group – a perfect balance of fun and professional knowledge."


Swinburne Online - Katie

"Suzanne was very informative and made the day very interesting. All the information was relevant and very useful. "