Moula - Michael

"Justine is personable, knowledgeable. The program encouraged self-reflection which enable/uncovered blind spots. Great material, excellent facilitation, a must for anyone who deals with people."


Falls Creek Resort - Stuart (CEO)

"Highly recommend ICML for personalised and personable training needs. The course was impactful, effective and provided action points for all members to take away and improve upon. Great investment!"


Monash University - Catherine

"Maggie is an excellent facilitator with great insight into team dynamics. I gained a better insight into human nature and behaviour and skills/tools to improve communication and team rapport. Maggie made the program engaging and accessible – she is a highly skilled facilitator and read the room well."


Swatch Group Australia - Valentina

"It was truly a great and inspirational training. Techniques to change mindset and power it gives on day-to-day life is great. Thank you."


Swatch Group Australia - Caroline

"Maggie was very engaging and aware. She adapted to the teams energy throughout the day. It has given me insights into my own preferences and how they may impact others. I also really enjoy the Lencioni content. An excellent, insightful and inspiring day. Maggie was a great facilitator who kept us all engaged and focused."


City of Moonee Valley - Annette

"Maggie is beautiful! So welcoming and really sets a safe and trusting environment to share such personal information. She provided the team with strong actions and goals to work towards into near future and long term."


Kingston City Council - Daniel

"A great session to identify where our team is at and how and where future opportunities are. Very impressed with how Ralph read and worked with the group."


City of Moonee Valley - Jason

"Fantastic session facilitated by a very skilled and knowledgeable facilitator. The content of the course was exactly what was required. Amazing process and workshop. Skills gained will assist the team moving forward and from strength to strength."