Time Management testimonials


C Kairouz Architects – James

"I would recommend this to all companies, being able to manage yourself and your time is extremely important. Having the tools to do so is empowering. Graham’s delivery of the course was very engaging, it made the outcome easy to deliver and inviting for people to participate. "


SCT Logistics - Joann

"Vanessa’s method of delivering the training was excellent and so specific to what goes on here. Her delivery was excellent and she was someone you automatically feel comfortable with. Every person in the training was engaged and took part in discussion, I know from speaking with them that every single person has walked away from the training taking something with them that will help them. It was so great that we didn’t have to sit and work and through a book, we all had a laugh and we saw a side of some people that we would never had seen if we had not all come together."


Akritidis Group Building Consultants - Emily

"Peter has good knowledge and shared a lot of information. Great information and ideas on how to focus more, multi task and reduce stress."


Royal Australasian College of Surgeons - Hayden

"Peter kept the content interesting and let the group influence where the day went. Some very practical solutions to some very overwhelming problems."


Kingston City Council - Vibhor

"Paddy is a very knowledgeable and engaging trainer who has an excellent grasp on the subject. ."


The Swatch Group - Adam

"Mark was a very engaging and open facilitator. He made the day fun with great anecdotes and visual aids. Taught simple but effective strategies to get the most out of both professional and personal life."


RSPCA - Natalie

"Paddy was very informative and friendly with an open dialogue. I can now identify my purpose in my role which has given a clear view of how to identify important tasks. Paddy was very helpful in explaining. Great session. I would recommend it to others."


Oxfam - Martin

"Peter has been excellent keeping the audience attention throughout the whole session. Gained several concepts both theoretical and practical. Provided a lot of practical tools."


RMIT University - Angela

"A great job. Will recommend this workshop for the other two centres. Rob customised the program to the needs of the group. Rob was excellent, read the group, excellent pace and people were engaged."


Mt Alexander Shire Council - Gillian

"Lynne was an engaging and professional instructor – the day didn't become one where she just read off the power point slides but was one that kept us interested through a variety of presentation styles."


RJ Sanderson & Associates - Christine

"A great program – Lynne was friendly, knowledgeable and kept us in control. A fantastic program for those who need guidance in time management."


C Kairouz Architects - Sandra

"Graham was very engaging, his message was positive and filled you with confidence that you could implement what he taught in your day to day work life. Couldn’t recommend Graham highly enough."


Estia Health - Sue

"I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It was well presented and all the information can be applied to my role. I am looking forward to managing my time when I return to work. "


Estia Health - Sandra

"Mark was informative, interactive, great sense of humour and happy to answer questions. Great!"


Cheetham Salt Pty Ltd - Laura

"The course was very worthwhile – better than I thought it would be. Lynne made the session, thank you Lynne."


The Swatch Group - Scott

"I would recommend anyone to do this course. Got a lot out of the day – Peter is a great presenter."


Esendex Australia - Pip

"I found that Peter really tailored the topics to suit our personal situations. I am excited to implement into my daily activities. Peter made the day interactive and engaging. I felt like the material was relevant to what we needed to focus on. Thanks for a great day."


Powercor Australia - Luke

"Engaging, charismatic and knowledgeable. Enjoyed Peter’s various stories and examples and he was very quick to find ways that he could relate content to our workplace. A well planned day with real solutions that can be practically applied."


Victorian Funds Management Corporation (VFMC) - Zouri

"It was fantastic! Peter was very professional, engaging and great at facilitating. Extremely useful and I will be implementing tips I learnt from this course in daily life. Definitely recommend it."


Trafficworks Pty Ltd - Paul

"Excellent, professional and interactive. The course offered tools that can be applied to combat all aspects of time management. I would recommend this course to other organisations. Well done."


Alliance Française - Kellee

"An extremely informative, well organised, well-structured and presented course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in improving their work productivity and reducing their work related stress."


Fair Work Commission - Marianne

"Peter is excellent. Facilitator tailored this training perfectly to our work. Strongly recommend this to anyone."


Artbank - Maria

"I completed this course 3 years ago and chose to do the course with Peter again to refresh. I find his style very informative and delivered with a sense of humour. I would recommend this course."


Cambridge Box Hill Language Assessment - Vanessa

"Excellent facilitator. Made to be a teacher! Interactive, relevant, course was tailored and specific to our business."


Brightstar Logictics - Andy

"Many thanks to Peter and the crew at ICML for a great course on Time Management. Understanding the course was easy through real life examples and strategies that are easy to remember and implement."


Forestry SA - Sarah

"Great knowledge by facilitator, kept the course interesting by mixing up the pace with activities. As soon as I finished the course I came back to my desk and started writing lists of my tasks – it has definitely inspired me to rethink the work that I am doing in a day and how I can fit more in. I would definitely recommend the course – even though I thought I was ok at time management, the course helps you better understand how you can make better use of your time."


G-Force Category Solutions - Mark

"I learnt a lot in a very short time. Addressed almost every issue the team could think of. The course was excellent all round!"


Alliance Française - Nadine

"This workshop was a fantastic display and explanation of concepts & tools that I’ll certainly use to improve my effectiveness."


The Royal Australasian College of Surgeons - Hayden

"Peter kept the content interesting and let the group influence where the day went. Some very practical solutions to some very overwhelming problems."


Haymes Paint

"I found the Time Management course with ICML extremely useful with many tips that I can use in my role for a long time to come. Peter was very helpful and explained things to us in a simple and easy to understand manner."