Live virtual workshops

Delivering live virtual workshops

We deliver programs in interactive live online workshops, accessible from a device anywhere.

Highly impactful learning

  • Replicating face-to-face workshop experiences through conferencing technology.
  • Using extra features for engagement: polls, quizzes, chat, electronic whiteboard.
  • Learning in multiple shorter bursts – allowing practice between sessions.

Benefits of virtual workshops

  • Attend the training from the comfort of home or personal workstation.
  • No travel time or expenses.
  • Multiple short sessions – less impact on work.

Simple access

  • You need: a device with camera and a quiet place.
  • No software needed.
  • Click on a link to gain access.
  • Works on any personal device and most corporate systems.

We deliver virtual workshop training in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Perth, Darwin, anywhere else in Australia and across the world.

Tailored virtual workshops

Ask us how we will tailor this program to your organisation or team. Benefits are that we tailor the:

  • Content to suit your organisation’s needs.
  • Delivery to reflect your procedures, values, examples and terminology, which encourages participants to apply their new skills in their roles.
  • Duration to suit the availability of your team members and your budget.

Ask us how we can tailor a live virtual workshop to suit your needs:

  • call 1300 655 098
  • start a chat at the bottom of our page
  • send us a message.

Some comments from our recent participants:

Run VERY effectively through Zoom. I would even say better than a regular meeting room setting face to face.  Good mix of participation, presentation elements and facilitator interaction. Useful tools to apply in the workplace. – Ben

Facilitated very well through Zoom. Simon engages and works well with all in the group. Content was well presented. – Participant

I thought this was a great session – Zoom worked well and it was similar to a classroom environment. Justine was a great facilitator with good real life examples.  – Karen

Zoom format worked really well. Justine is all over the software and it worked fantastically well. I got a lot out of the training, very valuable. – Participant

Zoom was a great platform. – Kelly

The training was very informative and engaging. Zoom was also an effective platform for remote training. – Participant

Zoom was great and worked really well. – Participant

The live online workshop was great. Love the break out room exercises. – Participant

This was awesome & really useful. I loved it online & liked the breakout rooms. – Tracey

The live format was good. The group work was a great addition. – Participant

Great training, and the technology was very impressive. – Danielle

Fantastic training, so many tips that I can apply in my current role. Zoom was fantastic and easy to use. – Emma

Excellent and valuable information. Zoom format worked well. – Leanne

The live workshop worked well, the breakout rooms were a good substitute for the usual breaking off into groups during a face-to-face workshop. – Participant

The live workshops are a great idea. – Ros

 The live format was great.  Felt very inclusive even though I was sitting on my own. – Debby

 Highly recommend – was great to be able to do it from home and not a noisy office. – Participant

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