DIY Team Building

Would you like to organise a team building event for your team? Sometimes you want to take your team away from the day-to-day business to improve team communication and collaboration. You can get an outside facilitator to deliver your teambuilding session, or you can do it yourself. Doing it yourself is fun, economical and it builds your leadership profile.

In this in-house team building training workshop will give you many ideas, formats, practical tips and templates to create your own team building sessions, whether on-site of off-site. We will show you how to analyse your team to choose the best team building solution. You will learn to confidently organise and deliver a smooth and successful team building event.

Tailored in-house DIY Team Building training – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth


In this do-it-yourself team building training workshop, you will learn how to:

  • identify team dynamics
  • use tools to diagnose team development opportunities
  • create a team building plan
  • learn tips and tricks to lead your own team building event
  • utilise tools and techniques to build great team events
  • ensure team building events make a lasting difference.

Tailored DIY Team Building training program delivered on your premises

Delivering this Do-It-Yourself team building workshop as an in-house program is economical and effective.

We boost your return on investment because we tailor the training experience:

  • Content: you mix and match topics. For instance, we can include tools and instruments you feel are most relevant, such as DISC, MBTI, Facet5, Five Behaviours of Cohesive Teams, Tuckman & Jensen etc.
  • Language: we’ll refer to your business metrics and info. For instance, we can include your values, team goals, business lingo etc.
  • duration: we’ll adjust to your objectives, budget and time availability.

We also coach individuals in how to organise your own team building session.

Contact us to discuss how ICML can tailor a program and help you and other managers in your organisation become confident DIY team builders.

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  • send us a message.

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