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All business documents should be understood on the first read and interpreted with the tone intended. If you must re-read a passage to understand it, then the author has failed. When you write clear, concise and compelling documents you will be more influential with the reader thereby prompting their attention and action. This highly interactive business writing course builds the skills to quickly write crisp and logical business documents.

Tailored in-house business writing training – Melbourne – Sydney – Brisbane – Adelaide – Perth – Hobart – Darwin – Canberra

Designed for you

This business writing course is designed for people who are required to write any business document such as emails, proposals, reports, submissions etc.


In this business writing course, you learn how to:

  • use a mind map to organise research and structure your thinking
  • significantly reduce your writing time
  • write interestingly and persuasively
  • make your documents concise
  • create clear sentences and paragraphs
  • apply formatting techniques to increase readability
  • proofread and edit documents
  • avoid common spelling and grammar mistakes
  • write powerful business documents.

In-house tailored business writing course

Delivering an in-house Business Writing course is economical and effective when you have a small group of people. We boost your return on investment because we tailor the training experience:

  • Content: we focus on the types of documents participants write. Importantly, we adjust the level of the business writing course to the writing experience in the group.
  • Formats: we will use your organisations Style Guide if it exists and any relevant templates you’d like the participants to use.
  • Duration: we can adjust our programs to a one-hour presentation or a multiple-day program and everything in between.
  • We deliver our tailored business writing course across Australia and abroad.

Please check out our business writing training programs page to see some of the programs we offer. The page gives more details about:

  • Advanced Business Writing course
  • Writing winning Tenders and Proposals
  • Writing Persuasive Business Cases
  • Email Writing
  • Customer Service Writing
  • Sales Proposals Writing Training
  • Reports and Board Papers Writing Training
  • Minutes and Agendas Writing Training
  • Submissions, Requests for Funding and Proposals
  • Government and Ministerial Briefs
  • Technical Writing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO-savvy Blogs and Social Media for Business Writing Training
  • Public Relations Writing Training
  • Editing Skills for Managers
  • Writing Training for People with English as a Second Language.
  • Punctuation and Grammar Training

We also coach individuals to build their writing skills; an effective way to improve writing, fast. Ask us how we can tailor the business writing course to suit your needs:

  • call 1300 655 098
  • start a chat at the bottom of our page
  • send us a message.

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Do you have any questions about business writing you’d like to ask? Do it here. One of our trainers will answer on the page and we’ll let you know by email when we post the response. We aim to come back to you within a few business days. If you need more urgent advice, try our chat at the bottom of the page.

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